About Keagi (”,)

Dear Reader

Keagile (Pronoun) derived from seTswana, meaning “I built”.

A 22-Year old girl in search of World Peace. (”,)

The DYNAMITE that comes in a SMALL package that everyone keeps speaking of?- THATS ME

I would like  to think the things I say make sense in the current social environment that we exist in, but in reality, I dont!

Lover of Music.

Allow my life to show you how, although we may all think that we are different, in actual fact, we are all the same- In search of the same dreams.

My name is Keagile but you can call me Keagi, I dont mind.

Allow me to INSPIRE you [to Think]

Yours truely,



3 Responses to About Keagi (”,)

  1. mamfajane says:

    Nice post KG! Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂 I hope you’ll be a better blogger than I am

  2. bahle says:

    Great post KG (kilo grams)

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